Here are a few things about me that you might be interested to know:


Full Name: BHURUTH, Usha Devi (nickname - Shoma)

Born: July 1980, in the Republic of Mauritius, Indian Ocean

Nationality: Mauritian, with permanent residence permit for Germany

In Germany: since October 2002

Status: married to Stefan (sociologist + works for APCO, a paragliding company)

Languages I speak: Kreol (mother-tongue), English, French, German, Hindi and Bhojpuri.


I hold a Diploma in Social Studies (includes psychology & sociology) from the University of Mauritius.

While at university, I did my training in a non-governmental organization that fosters street children.

I also followed the Grundqualifizierungskurs for Tageseltern provided by the Stadtjugendamt, from April to July 2006.

The Aufbauqualifizierungskurs (organised by the Stadtjugendamt & Familienservice) was completed in 2007.

Moreover, I did a First-Aid course for children in May 2006. I am repeating it in April 2008.

I am following a BA English distance-education course since summer 2007. This is more of a hobby than a need!

You can browse through my certificates for the above courses when we meet.


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