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Day care for children (aged between 1 and 3 years), part-time or full-time, for at least 10 hours per week.

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday, 08.00 to 17.00.


I am allowed to take care of 8 different children altogether, but not more than 5 in a group on a day. The Stadtjugendamt supervises my work and gave me a Plegeerlaubnis for my job.


I speak only in English to the children. Acquiring/practicing the language is done also through reading, singing and games, without any pressure.


Activities with the kids:

Please read the text I attached under the section `Nursery`.


The formula is 28A (7 x 4 x A), where 7 is Euro per hour; 4 is number of weeks in a month (standard); and A , the only variable, is the fixed number of day care hours per week.

Example: For 10 hours of day care per week, a family will pay 280 Euro a month (28 x 10).


From the above example, the family pays me 280 Euro every month as the fixed fees (the cost for food and drink is included in the fees, but not for diapers!). Of course, there are refunds when:

-         I take workdays off because of emergencies, sickness or the like

-         I am on holidays (usually 6 weeks altogether in a year)

-         YOU are on holidays (maximum 2 weeks a year not charged)

-         Your child is sick for more than a week and therefore absent (please provide a certificate from the doctor!)

Please note, that if money is not refunded, the 280 Euro is paid irrespective of lateness, short-term absences etc from your side!

At the end of the month, I will produce to you a bill. The fees can be transferred to my bank account or you can pay cash.

There is a reduction in the total amount you pay me at the end of the month, on the following conditions:

If  your child receives day care between 100 to 140 hours in a month, you get a discount of 10%; for over 140 hours, discount of 20 %. For siblings (example twins), we can make a special arrangement.

Public holidays:

Basically I don´t work on public holidays.

Test period:

The first 30 hours of day care are considered the ‘test’ or ‘adaptation’ period and will be charged at only 5 Euro per hour.


At the end of each month, I give you a bill. Parents usually transfer the fees to my bank account.



I plan to take 4 weeks off in December 2008.


Because my husband is vegan, we agreed upon having only vegetarian food at home. Please consider this if you bring any food for your child. Thanks!

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