The Little Dodos Day Nursery is approx. 18 m² and is the biggest room in our 70 m² apartment. The whole room is equipped with items appropriate for the kids: shelf with personal belongings, books and toys; couch, small bed, small tables and chairs and a crib. The crib can be shifted to another room if the nursery gets too loud for a quiet nap.

There is a door that opens to and 2 windows overlooking our garden.

The whole place is child-friendly and I spend a lot of time with the kids in the garden (with our 2 rabbits!) and at the playgrounds, that are only few meters away from our house.


What do we do the whole day at Little Dodos?!

When we have to spend a whole day at Shoma’s nursery, which she calls Little Dodos, we do a lot together. After being greeted in the morning, we remove our shoes and jackets then we sit down at the breakfast table. Shoma does not give us the same thing to eat every morning. Sometimes we have yoghurt and toasts, sometimes fruits and sesam crackers and sometimes combinations of other foods like pancake (home-made), cheese, fruit pudding or bread.

Shoma asks us every now and then if we want to drink water or diluted fruit juice. After breakfast Shoma makes us sit on the floor in a circle (almost!) and reads to us. She uses a lot of picture books and tells us about animals, objects and people in a funny way. She makes all kinds of sounds and this makes us laugh. We make sounds too. We can be cats and dogs and ducks. Sometimes we even crawl with Shoma like a cat or hop like a frog.

After reading, we get dressed to go out. In winter we usually play in Shoma’s garden. When the weather is bad we play indoors. If there is snow outside, Shoma pulls us on the sledge. If there are less than 3 kids, we go a bit further, to the playground or to a nearby hill to slide on the snow.

At around 11.00 Shoma prepares lunch for us. We like pasta, boiled and sliced potatoes, crepes, fruits like bananas and apples, pizza and bread. For lunch, we have one or some of those dishes. Before eating we help Shoma tidy up the nursery.  She says it is OK to make a mess, provided we know how to tidy the room up afterwards! Then we sit around the table and eat. We try to eat in quiet, though we make a lot of mess with our food. Shoma likes to eat her lunch with us.

After lunch, there is cleaning and washing up, and later change of nappies. Shoma helps us to bed for a nap. She sits next to us sometimes and reads or sings or just hums until we doze off.

Nap time is followed by afternoon snack. We eat a light snack then we do a lot of activities like dancing, running, going round-and-round and sing wheels on the bus! At regular intervals, Shoma lets us play on our own. We need to discover things on our own and let our curiosity grow. We are full of imagination and we build up and create lots of games either on our own or together with our friends at the nursery. Shoma keeps an eye on us all the time and she is always around when we need her help. Sometimes we make `tea` for her in our small plastic cups and buy bread and cookies for tea-time in our small plastic shop. She always drinks our tea until she has too much of it.

In the afternoon too we do a lot of reading and picture exercises. We sometimes get pieces of paper to scribble on. Shoma shows us alphabets too and we sing ABCDEFG… everyday. If it is convenient for all of us, Shoma takes us out – to have a ride in the train, to go to the library, to go to a café for some cake with her, to shop,  to the zoo, to the Deutsches Museum, to a park, to swim or just for a stroll in the city.

In summer, especially, we spend a lot of time outside. We even help Shoma water flowers in her garden sometimes! We love to feed her rabbits, Gonzi and Moris, and pat them. 

When it is time to go home, we are happy to see mommy and daddy again. Shoma hopes we had a lot of fun at the nursery. The thought makes her happy.

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